Serve better video quality at 90% lower cost.

StreamDevil provides an intelligent peer-assisted streaming infrastructure on top of your existing CDN. It radically reduces your CDN bandwidth and allows you to serve the highest video quality at lower cost.

CDN bandwidth StreamDevil's P2P bandwidth

Cut your video streaming bandwidth by up to 99% at the flick of a switch.

Use the power of StreamDevil’s scalable streaming technology for a reliable and stable delivery of your videos.

Decrease in CDN costs

With the decrease of your bandwidth load you will start saving from day one.

Increase in delivery quality

Use the bandwidth saving to deliver the very best video quality your customers deserve.

100% uptime

Use StreamDevil to reliably serve your customers also in peak times.

Zero-hassle integration

You are ready to go with a single line of code. It takes no time to integrate.


We use cutting edge cryptography to secure your media data.

Platform agnostic

StreamDevil supports all formats and media players both for mobile and desktop.

Try StreamDevil for free. Delight your customers with excellent streaming performance starting today.

Leveraging the power of distributed computing
both for VoD and live streaming

Video on Demand

Based on the latest WebRTC technology. Guaranteed versatility and stability with future-proofing video delivery.

  • Up to 90% offload for trending videos
  • Higher average bitrates
  • Boosted viewer experience
  • Increased service reliability at fraction of the cost.

Live Video & Broadcasting

Better live streaming quality with fraction of bandwidth capacity needed.

  • Up to 99% offload
  • Radically reduced rebuffering


Easy, simple and flexible, the way it supposed to be.


Starting at €0.001 / GB


Custom pricing above 10 PB.

2-week free trial (incl. integration).

No binding contract over the period of the trial.


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How does StreamDevil work?

StreamDevil uses peer-to-peer connections based on WebRTC technology to enable visitors to share the video content amongst themselves while watching. The more the video is viewed the less load occurs on your server per user. This boosts the reliability of your servers, improves quality and saves costs.

How can I try it out?

We offer a one-liner JavaScript that is easy to integrate. You'll have to include it in your website, and point it to your HTML5 video. The rest is taken care by our smart distribution algorithm. Your CDN and StreamDevil's P2P will be used simultaneously. Request a demo account, and take it for a spin.

Are there size, volume or bandwidth limits?

StreamDevil's streaming is unlimited. The throughput depends on the connection your viewers have. Files are still kept on your servers (S3/CDN/etc).

Do I have to change CDN service to use StreamDevil?

No, you don't have to move your files, they shall be kept where they currently reside. Visitors, who don't have enough peers will get parts of the viewed video from your CDN, that way StreamDevil is 100% backwards compatible with your current CDN solution.

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