Boosting network output and content quality while cutting costs for Videa.

  • Published : April 23, 2020

Videa is is the largest domestic video-sharing site in Hungary with 1.2M video views daily. Videos are being served both on Videa’s own site (, and also to embedded sources, producing a whopping 4.2 PB (petabyte) of monthly bandwidth usage. Seeking possible solutions that would enable them to serve better quality content to more users, they decided to explore the opportunity in distributing served data amongst their visitors by integrating StreamDevil’s p2p video streaming service layer on top or their own infrastructure.

Integration was quickly done using a customized one-liner created by StreamDevil’s team and it also included integrating Videa’s BI data with StreamDevil’s metrics in order to have granular video-level statistics and the ability to dynamically enable or disable StreamDevil on individual videos and channels. Strict requirements about secure content delivery, distribution rights and content ownership were met by StreamDevil’s cryptographic technology.

At first, only a couple of videos were involved in p2p testing, then the service was swiftly expanded to selected channels, and then to the entire platform. The impact was instant and Videa saw a vast drop in their daily cdn traffic immediately.

One distinct feature of the underlying p2p technology is that the more viewers watch the same content, the more bandwidth is spared. As a result, some videos got low impact with StreamDevil enabled on them, but we were able to achieve up to 90% drop in cdn traffic for videos that were trending. Since Videa is a site offering millions of videos, and 99.5% of the videos are not trending, it averaged to 30% for the whole platform.

A constant 30% drop in bandwidth means that ⅓ of the price they pay for a 30GBps bandwidth service can be put to better use, creating a competitive advantage for them in the market. With the JS one-liner, integration was a matter of hours and the results were immediately visible on StreamDevil’s dashboard. Videa is now considering enabling high-resolution (full HD, 2k, 4k) videos in order to take their game to the next level.